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I need to know something

I am hoping all you guys can help me with this cause when I tell my story on my sex life to any where I live they try to make me feel like the worst person. I am not ashame of it so here it is and let me know guys.

Ok I am a 30 year old poz male by choice. my sex life started when I was 13 and I was fucked and dumped for the first time by a 50 year old man. No I was not raped or molest. He lived next door and had watch me and my brother from time to time and when my parents was gone one day I went over then and walk in on him fucking a guy, at the time I did not know it but raw. Well they both freaked out and stop the bottom left and the guy told me not to say anything. I being a little shit at the time and told him if he would to show me how it feels to get fucked I would not say anything and for a week he kept saying no, he was not going to do it. Well one night once again parents and my brother was both gone and I was sent next door was the night. He has been drinking and like all muscle daddy bears they get horny when that happens, I keep bugging him. Well he finally gave in and pick my ass up threw me in bed told me to take off my clothes and he was going to show me. Will he did for two hours later and 3 cum shots in my ass he said that he never fucked anyone under 25 that I was to never say anything and that was that no blackmail.
For two years after that he fucked me more than I can count and the sad thing is he had some of his friends fuck me cause he wanted to watch and, well this is were it gets odder and most guys tell me to stop, his son and brother had fucked me. So yes that was the begianing to my incest. But I loved and I do not regeat it. however I was not poz by any of them guys, nor were condoms ever used in fact I never used a condom once in my life.
We moved when I was 15 and it was after school one day and the parents was not home. So my brother, came to my room and asked me why I get some old guy do that. He told me he seen it one night threw the window. I was shock at first and could not say anything. The next day he had some friends over, and yep he told them but it was not a bad thing because all 3 of them fucked me too even my brother and none of them pulled out. a week latter one of them bought his older brother over to fuck me and that happen a few times but did not last long after school was out for the summer.
When I turned 16 I ran away and ended up at a truck stop, not the greatest but it was good, one trucker saw me jerking off in the bathroom and took me to his truck and fucked me and call his buddies and they paid him to fuck me and he kept all the money.
When I turned 18 I was sick of feeling guilty after a guy would cum in my ass thinking I am going to be poz On no, bull crap, so I desicded to become poz at that age. Hard then it seems. So I was a cum dump on a high level. I took a load from who ever wanted to give it to me, I even walked the street in the gay area and got picked up alot. Told them if they cum in my ass it is free and if they dont they pay. No one ever payed for it. and for 10 year I was still neg.
Well it was all fun but I wanted to be poz, so I met this guy online just for fun nothing more. When I got to his house he told me he was poz so I told him my story on how I have been trying and he call 4 of his friends over that was poz too so we all talked no pulling out, cum balls deep, and you must fuck me twice. So it happen all fucking night long. 3 months I went to get tested and I have been poz since. I do not regret it I am happy for it cause I am undected and healthy and worry free of what I love to do and that is being a cumdump for all and any man that needs or just wants to.
Now the question is why does some guys find that so fucked up? from the 50 year old fucking a willing 13 year old to incest to whoeing around to wanting to be poz?

Wanting to be poz

Nothing wrong with that buddy. You are doing what a lot of men want and that is to fuck like men were meant to freely and without regrets. Just be men doing what men do best....FUCK!

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